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“So many leaders will not understand the calling at hand. Have the courage to rise above the noise and listen to your intuition. Your profit possibilities await you!”

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The extraordinary times we find ourselves in should not be feared; instead, they provide insights into the enormous treasures available to you to impact your life, Leadership, and the world at large.

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“Organizations need professionals who can help them design a leadership development program that best fits their unique culture and business requirements while positioning them to advance in the digital leadership era. Power Zone Coaching is a premier leader in creating these leadership development programs.”


December 2020

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...tremendous factor in helping us grow into the largest and highest producing in our industry

Mike Roberts, CEO, City Creek Mortgage

... Improved communications and focus on company objectives, I would definitely recommend René

Rick Owens, Senior VP, Transportation Industry

...reduced stress and more confidence that I am working on the right things, I consider Rene' to be a great coach!

Kandace Meyer, CEO, Insurance Agency

…highly recommend if anyone is interested in moving their organization and or career to the next level!

Amanda Johnson, CFO, Credit Union

She helps you find your voice and create a business that will support the life most desire.

Bryan Hurd, CEO, BHURD Realty

...corporate training was magnificent...such an impact I also hired as personal coach

Rosanne Simpson, Director of Sales, Marketing Agency

René Johnson

Make Your Own Possibilities

For over twenty years, I’ve had the privilege to partner with clients seeking alignment with their higher self to achieve their profit and legacy goals; and, finally, live their best lives as a result. I firmly believe to be an influential business leader, one must claim the leader in their life, and through awareness make instinct stronger, thoughts calm and focused, energy inspired to take necessary risks, and trust in oneself unshaken. Being a guide on the evolution and expansion journey where one’s Profitable Power Zone reveals itself is the greatest reward, I have the privilege of partaking in with my clients.

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With diverse experience in several industries and backed by a team of cutting-edge experts, I do not doubt if you show up ready to receive my wisdom and inspiration and do the work, you will come away rewarded beyond measure!  Satisfaction guaranteed; on all contracts.

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You can’t bring others to where you are not willing to grow. Profitable leaders in this new era will become the vessels of transformation. Bringing forth the necessary expansion vibrationally through mindset, alignment, and inspired action.