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New Levels Of Profitable Leadership: A Guided Planner For Illuminating And Claiming Your “profitable” Power Zone

There's A MoveMent

taking place around expanded awareness for new profit possiblities. Societies’ model, which has been in place for decades, is decomposing right under our feet. 

A Guided

Planner Designed To Heighten The Calling At Hand So That You Might Begin The Process Of Defining, Illuminating, And Claiming Your Profitable Power Zone. Download the Kindle or get the Paperback!

An Interactive

Publication Designed For Profitable Leaders.

Societies’ model, which has been in place for decades, is decomposing right under our feet. In its place are new levels of comprehension for leadership, business, and profit models. This opportunity opens up more profound comprehension levels for leader-preneurs enabling shifting into new profits lane and increasing confidence to holistically grow from the “inside-out” in life and business through new profit models.  Journey Into New Levels Of Profitable Leadership is a guided planner designed to heighten the calling at hand so that you might begin the process of  defining, illuminating, and claiming your profitable power zone.  You can use this guide independently or take advantage of the “interactive” experience used in conjunction with the Profit Queens video series and the community “treasure chest.” Join other Profitable Leaders by feeding your brain and soul while positioning yourself to enrich the depth and meaning these up-leveled elements can have in your life and leadership.

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About the author.

René Johnson is The Power Zone Coach, and Profitable Leadership Authority, with more than 20 years’ successfully advancing thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve their profit and legacy goals while living their highest expression.

René is the author of Leaving Your Comfort Zone and creator of the Six Power Zone Principles™. A highly recognized international continuing education provider and guest on popular radio and podcast shows, she is known for empowering business professionals and entrepreneurs to break through to their “inner” leader where they can influence all areas of their life. Her personal story is one of courage and defining moments, which led to her life path of helping others find their voice and more profound power to make significant changes. René is passionate about sharing her leadership calling and inspiring many different audiences with her message. René is the perfect guide on your journey to illuminate and claim your profitable power zone.

“Journey To New Levels Of Profitable Leadership - A guided planner for illuminating and claiming your “profitable” power zone” offers you the reader an opportunity to expand your thinking and to begin your journey to profitable leadership and limitless possibilities.

Gina Gardiner, Best Selling Author, Enlighten Leadership Expert, Radio & TV Host

I just finished reading the third section. WOW!!! YES!!! This was such a POWERFUL PROFITS SHIFT vibration to lead into the journal section. I really love how this publication has turned out. This work is really needed in the marketplace right now for leadership.

AliNicole Waters, CEO AliNICOLE WOW She Does It All
providing over 500 platforms and more than 230 works on Amazon

Leaders are realizing that they need to lead differently now, and is a key component of the transformation that is happening in business. René Johnson is an expert at how to lead now, and into the future, through stepping into your power zone.

Rob Deptford, Founder at EQ4 Media, Host Of Get Vocal On Video 


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As the new era of enlightened leadership is upon us, some will learn to “speak” it, but few will raise vibrationally into the ultimate expression.

Aligning with the highest frequency permits us to move through life with ease and grace, serving others through the way we show up—this “beingness” is the Power Zone illuminating in all its glory.

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